Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is in a special category all its own when it comes to restoration and relaxation.

This form of yoga incorporates a wide variety of props that help to fully support the body in lingering, soothing poses designed to deliver a deeper sense of relaxation.

The postures are deeply supported by props such as blankets or blocks and held for several minutes at a time. You can relax into the shape of the pose without exerting any physical effort to remain there, allowing you to “receive” rather than “do” the pose.

If you are feeling exhausted, have low energy or are experiencing some chronic pain, Restorative Yoga may be very beneficial to you.

Learn to still your body and calm your mind as part of your journey to improved health and happiness.

You can enjoy Restorative Yoga in a private session or participate in one of our group workshops.