Private Yoga

Your Private Yoga session begins with a consultation and goal setting session. After discussing your goals, your registered yoga teacher will outline a specially designed session for you.

Maybe you want to learn some yoga postures or breathing techniques before you start group classes, or maybe you would like to learn more about meditation? If you are looking for a way to instill the balance of body, mind and spirit, this session is for you. Bringing a balance to your body through the physical practice of yoga gives us energy and strength. Bringing balance to the mind and spirit will teach us how to be calm in stressful situations and how to be the the best possible person we can be to ourselves and the people around us.

Whatever your goals may be or even if you currently are not aware of any goals, we will help you to tap into all your individual abilities. All Private Sessions will be held in a private room called the Shanti Space. All ages and levels are welcome.This space is relaxing and peaceful and we looking forward to helping you with your practice of yoga. Namaste.