Private Sessions - Overview

Mindful Movements offers Private Sessions to both new and seasoned clients to help to better meet their personal needs and motivate them toward achieving their goals in a safe and relaxing atmosphere.

Mindful Movements creates the perfect atmosphere for Pilates and Yoga. We offer many styles of both of these disciplines. Our unique style allows us to bring fun and variety to each class and private session. We offer innovative ways to teach both Yoga and Pilates, and we love to help our clients reach their full potential in each of these disciplines.

Private Yoga

Are you new to yoga? Are you hesitant to try yoga in a class setting? If yes, Private Yoga is a great way to get started, to be introduced to asanas (yoga postures), to learn breathing techniques and to help you gain confidence in your beginner practice.

Have you been doing yoga for awhile? Are you ready to fine-tune your asanas and take your yoga practice to the next level? Private Yoga will give you that one on one focus to help get you there! Click to learn more...

Private Pilates

Are you wanting to increase your muscle strength and flexibility? Are you looking for a way to develop a strong core and improve your balance? Would you prefer to learn the basic movements and become familiar with the various props before joining a class? If so, Private Pilates can offer you that one on one instruction and support to give you the confidence and motivation to achieve your fitness goals.

Do you already love Pilates but would like to hone your movements or further challenge yourself? Private Pilates is a sure-fire way to customize your Pilates routine to help you become your personal best! Click to learn more...

Private GTS

Are you looking for a way to help you achieve your fitness goals on a more personal level without feeling intimidated? A GTS machine (gravity training system) is an amazing free motion machine that can help you develop strength, flexibility and balance - all on one simple machine. With Private GTS sessions, you will be introduced to the GTS machine in a private setting where you will gain confidence and improved coordination as you work toward your personal fitness goals.

Already a dedicated GTS class regular but would like a little individual focus to further improve your workout? Take your workout up a notch or fine-tune your movements to reap the greatest benefits the GTS machine has to offer.
us now to take advantage of Private GTS and experience the difference focused, private instruction can make! Click to learn more...