Benefits of Pilates/GTS

Mindful Movements offers a variety of mat and machine (GTS) pilates classes to help you be the best you can be.
Here are some of the benefits you can expect from a regular practice:
  • develop core strength
  • develop a leaner body by lengthening and stretching the muscles without building bulk
  • improve balance, poise, stability and flexibility
  • reduce stress and fatigue
  • work the deepest muscles in the body to build strength and control
  • improve mind/body awareness
  • relieve pain, stiffness and tension
  • improve posture alignment through the body

GTS - Gravity Training System

Essential principles of pilates that you will learn in any of the pilates classes you attend at Mindful Movements:

  • Concentration - Pilates is a technique that requires focus and concentration.
  • Breath - Appropriate use of the breath is used to connect you to the performance of the pilates movements.
  • Centering - The center referred to is also known as the abdominals or central core. By working from this core we are able to strengthen and stretch the muscles without risk of strain or injury to the spine and neck.
  • Control - Muscle control is essential in order to maintain correct posture and alignment. While working the muscles, the slower the movement the stronger we become.
  • Precision - Precise execution of the moves is the one key to effectiveness of the pilates technique and requires patience and practice.
  • Flowing - Pilates movements should be as smooth as possible and at an even pace with the breathing.

GTS - Gravity Training System


Pilates is the ultimate core workout. Pilates trains the body as a whole, allowing the body to stretch and strengthen, improving posture muscles creating a more streamlined body. Pilates was first created by Joseph H. Pilates in the early 1900's. He started this form of exercise as “The Art of Contrology,” the ability of the mind to control the muscles. Plagued by asthma and rickets as a child, Joseph began to heal himself with his method. His immigration to New York City allowed him to set up his first official studio in 1926.

Joseph continued to develop his method and continues his legacy through years of research and training that has been passed down through his students. Celebrities, dancers and athletes all use this amazing form of exercise to get optimum results.

At Mindful Movements, we will effectively teach you how to engage the proper muscles so you to can see the amazing results from this form of exercise. From using the mat to using small pieces of equipment to the Pilates machines (GTS), we have it all to help you stand taller and be stronger.